Wednesday, December 01, 2004

STILL WATERS by Shirlee McCoy

"Still Waters" by Shirlee McCoy

From the backcover:


A window smashed. A local teenager assaulted. The close-knit community of Lakeview is panicked when a gang of unruly teens wreaks havoc in this sleepy Virginia hamlet. But Sheriff Jake Reed, a former D.C. cop, seems just the man to put a stop to the vandalism.


Tiffany Anderson thought the so-called "crime-wave" was nothing but a bunch of summer boys with too much money and time on their hands. But when she suddenly becomes the gang's target, Tiffany must cling to other faith that God will send a protector her way...


Keeping an eye on Tiffany in the line of duty, Jake finds himself drawn to the feisty redhead who reaches out to the needy. But haunted by his troubled past, he's leery of spending time with a woman who evokes feelings he'd thought long buried. Then Tiffany vanishes, and Jake can only pray he'll find her in time. Because suddenly he understands that God didn't mean for him to be alone, but to share his life with the woman who shares his faith.

Camy here:

This is a beautiful romance, although I didn't think the suspense element was very strong. There were very suspenseful moments, well-timed, that kept the pace of the story, but there didn't seem to be that tense aura of danger overshadowing the action. Center stage is the love story of Jake and Tiffany.

The plot draws Jake's change of heart with a very skillful, delicate hand. It was gradual, believable and satisfying to watch as he realizes the flaws in his preconceived notions about marriage for his life. The characters are consistent and realistic. Tiffany's own fears about her singleness and her willingness to "compromise" in order to ensure security in a married relationship are time-worn issues many single women will relate to. I didn't particularly like her snotty boyfriend, but then again, I wasn't meant to.

The author handled the faith element with skill and elegance. Nothing "in your face" or preachy, no "Christian-ese" language or blind, unrealistic belief. It was wonderfully satisfying to see Inspirational fiction written with such natural grace.

In all, a lovely romance, well-written and entertaining. I look forward to more from this author.


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