Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Odds and ends

Captain’s Log, Stardate 12.14.04

The insurance got cleared up rather painlessly. My company admin called because apparently she needs to verify all Open Enrollment changes, and she also had power to add benefits changes for employees. So she added our health, dental and vision coverage.

I am rather apprehensive about going back to work. The physical therapist recommended that I not return until January 5th, 2005, but I am already dreading the day. Today I read Psalm 37 and took perverse pleasure in imagining all the horrible things that will befall the wicked, shame on me. But the Psalm also talks about not fretting and trusting in God, and I need to remember that His hand is over all things. “Pray and let God worry.” So I will work hard at my writing while I’m still home, and thank God for this time.

Speaking of writing, it’s slow going. I’m struggling with that scene worksheet for some reason. Well, I sort of know the reason: I have a general outline of events, but as I do the more detailed scene worksheet, I’m realizing that some things I stuck in there 1) cannot physically happen, 2) disrupt Scene/Sequel flow, or 3) describe horribly improbable character reactions. But I’m almost 2/3 of the way through with it. Once I finish it, I’ll start writing (hopefully) like crazy.

I also started a Yahoogroup, Camy’s Loft:


Ha! Look-it me, with a Yahoogroup even though I’m not even published! Anyway, I thought I’d send out monthly newsletters to let people know what’s up with my writing (as of now, just the pain and suffering of plotting), and to unload WAY more information than anyone would ever want to know about me. ;-) Feel free to join. I didn’t set it up as a standard newsletter-only group, but as a forum for people to chat or ask questions or just hang out.

Oh, and I got rejected by Waterbrook. Just a generic, “I think I’ll pass.” Lord, I know it’s all in Your hands.

The knee is the same. Still stiff with some inflammation and swelling inside the joint, but getting better. I have a PT appointment on Thursday, I think (gotta check my calendar for that one).

Been reading a lot lately. Finished a few disappointing books (plot holes, “too stupid to live” characters), finished a few entertaining books (but not five-star keepers), and blasted through DOUBLE VISION by Randall Ingermanson. Waaaaaaaaaaaay cool, dude. I’ll write a review later.

I am also on a DIET. Capital D-I-E-T. My sedentary days are showing in the size of my behind. Whereas before I could go for a run with the dog, I now have to suffer and eat less food. Waaaaaaaaaaa. This is totally brutal for someone who loves to eat. Drink more water, eat more vegetables, eat smaller portions.

Well, off to write more.

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