Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Happy 3rd Anniversary


Today is three years married to my husband. We nearly forgot about it until I remembered last night. We both think it doesn't seem like it's been that long.

One good thing about this surgery is I have tons of time to read. I have two book reviews from the past few days' reading list.

So Monday I went for a follow-up appointment with Dr. King. He was concerned about how I was doing since I'd reacted so badly to the pain medication. I said I'm better now, the pain was worst the second day after surgery but it has drastically reduced in volume since then. He gave me a Lidocaine shot and removed the fluid from inside my knee, but there was so much that it had seeped into my epidermal layer, causing blisters. So he sliced open the blisters to drain them and now I feel like a burn victim. The gauze and dressing over the kneecap keeps aggravating the opened blisters, so while the knee itself is actually feeling very good, I'm still in a lot of pain.

My first physical therapy appointment is next week Wednesday. I am going to try to develop my quad muscles and increase my range of motion in the meantime so it won't be so hard. I'd kind of like to join a gym since I don't have equipment here, but it's pretty expensive. Have to pray about that. I might just make do, buy a few more weights. Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive.

I finally joined Faith, Hope & Love, the Inspirational Romance chapter of RWA. I'm pretty excited. I know a lot of people already in the group and they seem very friendly and encouraging.

Okay, the knee is starting to bug me so I'm going to post this and get back on the CPM machine. I'm up to 95 degrees.

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