Friday, November 19, 2004

TANGLED TRUTHS by Gloria Clover


TANGLED TRUTHS by Gloria Clover

I got this book as a gift when I met Gloria at the ACRW Conference in Denver this year. She's wonderfully down to earth and friendly, and I believe she might be negotiating another book with Barbour.

From the back cover:


Tough, angry Marine Captain Neil Harrington finds himself grasping for the things he had believed he no longer wanted in life -- the responsibility of his late sister's twins, the love of a soft-hearted woman, and the forgiveness of a God he has vowed never to speak to again.


Level-headed, even-tempered college professor Adrian D'Avignon has always feared the day her adopted children's biological uncle would return. She knew he would disrupt the even tenor of their lives; she never suspected he would wreak havoc on her heart, her security, and her solid walk with the Lord.

Held together by the twins and a desperate desire to discover the past that has brought them to this tangled present, Neil and Adrian search for a compromise only to discover complete dependence on God reveals the way He so lovingly prepared -- long before they met and loved.

Camy here:

This is one of the more gritty and realistic Inspirational Romances I've ever read. There are no goody-goody Christians in this book. Even the most saintly example has very real, hurtful flaws.

This is definitely a Christian book with obvious Christian themes, but the author presents the Christian walk without icing, showing each character's confusion, doubt, struggle and despair. But ultimately each finds their way to dependence upon a God who had a larger picture in mind, despite the hurtful incidents of the past.

There is definitely more sensuality in this book than in other Inspirational Romances, but the characters struggle against and resist the lure of premarital sex in a very realistic manner. No chaste kisses and strong-as-steel self-control on the part of hero or heroine, which helps the reader relate to them even more.

The book is presented almost like a mystery as the unknown motivations of dead characters come to light. I was hooked, curious to discover the tragic events of the past along with the hero and heroine.

The author often switches POV midway in longer scenes, but it is always indicated with a scene break in the narrative. The dialogue is extremely realistic, but sometimes slows the narrative pace a bit.

On a whole, an entertaining romance with flawed but struggling characters that the reader can relate to. I read this on the heels of Dee Henderson's "God's Gift" and found the writing styles a bit similar, with true-to-life personalities and repartee.


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