Wednesday, November 10, 2004



I went to Dr. Dianne Storey on Thursday. She's awesome! She's very matter-of-fact, blunt and efficient. "What hurts? When did it happen? How does this feel? Okay, your ligament and meniscus are torn because this motion stretches those, and that hurt you."

She said to stay off the knee, keep icing it and taking the Motrin and Vicodin. She referred me to the Sports Medicine group so I could see Dr. Warren King, who did my husband's knee. She also referred me for an MRI herself, rather than having me see Dr. King's assistant, who would then refer me for the MRI. So I called and scheduled the MRI on Friday night, and the appointment with Dr. King on Monday morning.

Dr. Storey also was nice enough to fill out the EDD form for disability insurance, up until the date I go to see Dr. King (he'll have to fill out an EDD form when I see him), and she faxed a doctor's note to work to document that I am injured and can't go in.

I spent the day with a friend who is a stay-at-home mom, and she took me shopping, gimpy knee and all. It was fun, because in the clearance rack of a huge shoe store I found a pair of stunning dress shoes for only $35. Burgundy embroidered brocade mules with a one-inch heel (so no danger to my notorious sense of balance, plus it makes it more comfortable) and these exotic tinkley beads strung across the toe.

I loved it at first sight, but I said, "I have nothing to wear this with."

My friend replied, "A black dress, stupid!" (She really does love me.)

I tried them on and they fit great, an accomplishment in itself because I have narrow, flat feet that usually don't fit anything.

I felt absolutely FABULOUS (gimpy knee and all)!

So of course I bought it. Ah, the things I do to assuage my self-esteem... Well, at least it was on sale.

I've had a good writing day so far. I've been brainstorming one of my villains while eating broccoli (boiled to tender-crisp, with mayo mixed with a splash of soy sauce as dip--don't laugh until you try it). It must be the broccoli that's making my head whirl a mile a minute. Plus it's relatively healthy (I don't use much dip, don't need to because the soy sauce is so salty) so I didn’t feel bad eating the entire bunch.

Okay, back to writing.

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