Saturday, July 03, 2004

Sent my agent the series proposal


I just sent off my series proposal to my agent, now I'm just waiting to see if he likes it or not. The entire proposal-writing process was so different and new, and I felt terribly insecure and inadequate doing it. I've never had to rely on God's grace more in my writing as when putting together those storylines. I mean, how do I know God's will, and what stories HE wants to tell through me? How can I be sure it's a true and Biblical message this storyline would convey? How to battle the insecurity that I'm not talented enough or even worthy enough to be His vessel and write His stories?

I've never felt so weighted down with my own sin before, and had it undermine my love for writing. I had to bathe each hour in prayer in order to keep the words flowing. I started a fantasy short story to take my mind off of it. (I tried "pantsing" the story, but discovered that I'm too much of a "plotter" to do it--the prose is rambling aimlessly and I'm grasping at ideas to keep it in line. :-)

Sharon Hinck read the proposal and emailed me today, and she lifted my spirits with her encouragement. I can trust Sharon--if she doesn't think something will work, she'd tell me. But she always lets me know what she DOES like, which makes me feel like the greatest writer in the world! She thought the proposal was fine, so I'm feeling better about it right now.

I think I'll try snowflaking book #2 THE EPHESIANS LIST. I should have done it earlier, and now the synopsis seems disjointed.

I found a great free font resource: Not all the fonts are stellar, but there are lots of cool ones. And they're all free, they just want you to link to them in return. Since my website isn't up and running yet, I'll list it here.

'Til next time!

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