Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Secular fiction, series idea, Elizabeth Jackson


Just random thoughts, today. I'm not feeling well and called in sick at work. I don't think I'm prego (and I hope I'm not) but I also know that anything's possible with God.

There's an interesting discussion about Secular and Christian fiction on the ACRW email discussion loop (American Christian Romance Writers, Where do I fit in? I'm not very interested in "sweet" romances, but my current wip(s) are turning out to be too "preachy" to be secular. Will God allow me to be published? Will He allow me to write full-time someday?

I had a good evening last night developing the storyline and characters for my wip. God is so good. The ideas just flowed, despite the fact I wasn't feeling very well. I've almost got a handle on Aiden's story.

I also got an idea to link my first ms THE CORINTHIAN RULES with Aiden's story into a series. Four cousins, all Christians, trying to cope with the stigma of OSFC: Oldest Single Female Cousin. My husband laughed, because no matter where you go, there will be people in any Asian family who will target anyone (male or female) who's single--"When are you going to get a boyfriend? You're not doing your family duty. You're not looking hard enough. Your poor parents."

The agent I'd contacted emailed to tell me that he'd like to represent me. Praise God! At the same time, I'm both excited and scared. I hope this turns out to be a good agent/writer relationship. I had Neal's lawyer uncle look over the sample Agency Agreement the agent emailed to me. I wrote the agent back with two changes Uncle David said I needed in the contract, but at the same time, I felt uncomfortable requesting them. After all, who am I (lowly unpublished peon) to request contract changes from an agent who's done tons of standard contracts?

I also just read "A Brilliant Alliance" by Elizabeth Jackson, an old Signet Regency romance. I wish she'd written more books. The heroine was smart, practical, logical and likeable, the hero's motives and actions were interesting and believable. Her prose is more old-fashioned, a bit similar to Jane Austen rather than the current popular style.

I just made a list on Amazon of Little-known Regency authors, my favorites. It was fun and gratifying to list the older titles that hooked me into Regencies in the first place.

Well, back to writing.

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