Wednesday, June 30, 2004


ROMANCE RUSTLERS AND THUNDERBIRD THIEVES by Sharon Dunn (A Ruby Taylor Mystery, book 1)

From the back cover:

No one makes a fool of Ruby Taylor . . . or her friends. A tough cookie with an attitude, but also a soft heart, Ruby finds herself in a perilous search for a young man who disappeared just days before he was to be married. Her sometimes harrowing yet often hilarious quest to right the wrongs of love pit her against helicopters, wild buffalo, and some desperate people who have every reason to want Ruby to fail.

Camy here:

EXCELLENT book! The heroine, Ruby Taylor, is real and gritty, and non-Christian at the beginning of the book. She's awesome.

Her hero/love interest is also a "real" Christian guy, still suffering through the mistakes he made in his own past. I've been so tired of so-called "tortured" heroes, where it turns out their only sin is a decision made in ignorance that resulted in something bad happening to them. Puh-leeze. Give me a REAL man--someone who made a bad decision with eyes wide open, and is still struggling with the consequences, trying to depend on Christ, trying to make the right decisions now.

Ruby's mother has the same colorful past and realistic, 3-dimensional character. I'm looking forward to reading about her and Maryanne in the next book, "Sassy Cinderella and the Valiant Vigilante," and the third book in the series, which isn't published yet.

The mystery unfolds well. Also, Ruby's decision for Christ is treated with a gentle hand, not too preachy or "in your face."

I highly recommend this read. Amazon and Amazon Marketplace have good prices on this book, too. There's also


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