Friday, December 10, 2021

Arabica Mocha @adagioteas #teaadventcalendar #adventcalendar2021

Today’s tea from my Tea Advent Calendar is Arabica Mocha. I tried this tea before, and I think I liked it. The arabica is coffee leaves, which if I remember correctly does have a little bit of caffeine.

The tea contains arabica tea, toasted mate tea, chicory, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate flavor, natural hazelnut flavor, and safflower. I think that the mate tea contains caffeine, so this is definitely not a low caffeine tea. I could smell the chocolate and hazelnut as soon as I opened the packet, and it smelled like Nutella.

I steeped it for 5 minutes in 8 ounces of 212ºF hot water.

Unsweetened, it tasted to me just like toasted tea, maybe with a hint of cocoa. I added almond milk and sugar and it tasted delicious. Either it’s the arabica or the mate or the chicory, but there’s a faint grassiness to it, however I mostly taste the toasted flavor with the faint hint of chocolate and hazelnut. A nice, warming cup of tea.

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