Monday, September 13, 2021

What's up with Camy (and no, I'm not dead yet)

(TMI warning)

I’ve been offline for most of August and September with really bad IBS problems. I couldn’t figure out what I was eating that was triggering my flareups, and at the time, I also didn’t realize that stress might be also causing some of the IBS problems as opposed to food.

I went on a complete elimination diet to try to get the IBS to calm down. About a week later, I started getting terrible sinus headaches, most likely from the smoke from the California wildfires that was blowing into the bay area. I was limited in what I could take to treat the headaches since most medicine made my stomach queasy, thanks to my IBS issues.

It took me about 2 weeks before I realized that my headaches were probably worse because, as part of the elimination diet, I had stopped taking my allergy supplements (allergy medicine, as well as butterbur, quercetin and bromelain). I started the supplements up again but it took about a week before my headaches went away.

While I’m glad my headaches are better, my IBS is still giving me problems. However, I don’t expect my IBS to really calm down until I’ve been on the elimination diet for a few more weeks.

Can you please pray for me? I haven’t felt well enough to write since the first week in August, and I haven’t been online at least that long.

I’d also be happy to pray for you. Fill out my prayer request form below or leave a comment on this blog post.


  1. I am in the same boat as you are, only I'm addicted to Twitter on top of having prostate cancer that required surgery to remove the gland in July. I'm just not as motivated to do other things, so a blog I kept for some time has languished not updated for most of this time.

    For your IBS, I recommend as a temporary treatment something called IBgard, which is time released peppermint oil. When you take a antibiotic like Cipro, it kills most of the good bacteria in the gut. You have to replace it. There's a good one at Wonder Labs I used to replace my gut flora. It has about 7-10 different species in the capsules. Before then, it was a lot of indigestion, gas, and high blood pressure, which is another symptom of the IBS. Another thing is reduce caffeine intake.

    I've been going through "Mornings with Jesus" for the last 4-5 years and today's entry was Camy Tang's.

    1. Awww thanks for reading my devotional today! :) That made me smile.

      Thanks also for the recommendation! I will look for IBgard. I am currently taking a probiotic from Melaleuca to replace my gut flora, which is formulated to resist stomach acid so more of it gets to my intestines. It seems to be working well but if it stops working I’ll look into your recommendation. Thanks!

  2. Hugs Camy! Oh boy do I understand the challenges of IBS. I will be praying for you.