Saturday, February 06, 2021

Slow Down Saturday

I got kind of stressed out by the stuff I have to do for my book launch (the 2nd book in my Lady Wynwood’s Spies series), which is coming up on February 17th. I have a To Do list with everything that needs to be done, but I get paranoid that I’ve forgotten something, and it makes me anxious.

I try to slow down my workload on weekends, especially Sundays, but I was reminded on Thursday that sometimes I need to slow down midweek because I’m only piling on stuff that adds to my stress levels. The cluttered and scattered state of my head was making it hard for me to get work done.

So I simplified my book launch process and adjusted my launch calendar for the 3rd book in my series, which will release in May. Just by eliminating things on my To Do list, and consolidating and adjusting due dates so I can get more done in advance, made me feel tons better.

So today for Slow Down Saturday, is there something you can simplify or eliminate to make your life easier? Never underestimate the value of less stress!

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