Friday, November 06, 2020

Necessary Proof has a new cover!

Isn’t it beautiful? Thanks so much to Dineen Miller! She completely gets my tastes.

If you got it, be sure to update your copy on your computer/ebook reader so you can get the snazzy new cover! If you haven’t gotten it yet, Necessary Proof is FREE at all ebook retailers. Here’s the back cover description:

Christian Romantic Suspense
Sonoma series, book #4.1 (novella)

After opening his heart to Jesus in prison, Alex Villa has left his criminal past behind him. However, his efforts to take down a gang producing meth in Sonoma have made him a target. Set up to look like he’s being bribed by the gang, the police blame him for the death of a cop. Only the evidence on an encrypted laptop can prove he’s innocent.

Software engineer Jane Lawton has been betrayed by the men closest to her, including a God she thought would protect her. She won’t let Alex down, because she knows what it feels like to be disbelieved and abandoned.

However, the men after them have orders to repossess the evidence and make sure Jane and Alex take their knowledge to the grave. Can they prove Alex’s innocence before time runs out for them both?

** Those of you who have read Formula for Danger will recognize Jane and Alex as minor characters from that book. I was excited to finally be able to write their own love story!

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