Monday, October 26, 2020

Royal Albert milk pitcher

My husband, Captain Caffeine, tends to go to Goodwill a lot. I think he likes the thrill of finding a really good deal on something that would otherwise be expensive.

Anyway, last year he came across a teacup, saucer, and dessert plate from Royal Albert in their "Moss Rose" pattern, which I really, really, REALLY love. It's probably one of my top three patterns from Royal Albert that I've seen. And the set was only $15!

Then this past weekend he found a pitcher in "Moss Rose"! It was paired with a plate from a different manufacturer, and the set was $15. Also the pitcher didn't have "Moss Rose" printed on the bottom, but I told him to get it.

When he brought it home, we realized it's a perfect match for my teacups! I have been using it for my English style tea and I love it!

Way to go, Captain Caffeine! You're a superhero!


  1. I love Moss Rose so much! I have a dinner plate and hope to someday find the teapot.