Tuesday, August 18, 2020

50 books for 2020

I’ve been realizing lately how I don’t read enough books. For a while it was because I was so busy that my book reading fell by the wayside, but now that I’ve been doing my daily writing diary blog, I’ve been able to solidify my schedule more and I’ve been able to schedule my book reading into my day a little more easily.

So on Goodreads, I committed to 50 books for the rest of 2020! However, I admit I picked that number because I had already read several short nonfiction books in July that I had recorded in Goodreads, so I suppose it’s not a huge stretch goal.

But just the act of committing to this goal has made me start reading more. I’ve actually read more in the past couple weeks than I think I would have without the goal, so that’s good, right?

Did you do a Goodreads book challenge for 2020? Are there any books you recommend for me to read? Let me know!

If you’re on Goodreads, be friends with me! (When requesting to be friends with me, let me know you saw my blog post about Goodreads.) Also if you’d like, join my Goodreads group and tell me what you’re reading.

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