Tuesday, March 17, 2015


My next romantic suspense, Gone Missing releases in May, but I just got my author copies in the mail! That means book club members will be getting it soon!

In this book, part of it is set in Arizona (hence the cactus) and part in Sonoma, California. The hero, Clay, is in Phoenix searching for his missing sister, Fiona. He runs into Joslyn, who’s also looking for Fiona, her good friend. Their meeting is a bit “explosive.” Heehee.

Readers met Joslyn in the previous book in my Sonoma series, Treacherous Intent. However, you do not need to read the books in the series to enjoy this one, each story is stand-alone.

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You can get all the books in my Sonoma series on ebook—if you’re subscribed to Scribd, the first 3 books plus my two novellas are available—and some in print from online used bookstores. There may also still be new copies of Treacherous Intent still available on Amazon, Alibrisicon, and Barnes and Nobleicon.

I got my author copies!

One reader already read Gone Missing and loved it, but pointed out a mistake—Redwood trees in L.A. Yeah, I know I should know better! :P I think that was a scene I had originally written in northern California but I switched it to SoCal later. Aw well.

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