Monday, August 05, 2013

Guest blog - Sandra Orchard

Today my guest is romantic suspense author Sandra Orchard!

About Sandra

Sandra Orchard writes inspirational romantic suspense set in the heart of the Niagara region, Canada, where she lives with her husband of more than twenty-four years, two college-aged children and a husky pup with a fetish for rubber boots and remote controls. A former home educator, she received word of her first contract on her youngest daughter's first day of college. Sandra has an Honors Arts & Science degree with a major in math, and she attributes her delight in devising plots that keep her readers guessing to her affinity with mathematical problems.

The 2009 winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in unpublished Mystery/Suspense, Sandra was delighted to see her first novel, Deep Cover, released in September 2011 with Love Inspired Suspense. She's since contracted two more novels in her series Undercover Cops: Fighting for justice puts their lives—and hearts—on the line. Shades of Truth will be released in March 2012 and a third book will be released in the last quarter of 2012.

Sandra has always loved trying new things. Over the years, she's dabbled in a variety of arts and crafts. She's taken on a variety of construction projects from building a run-in for her daughter's horse to re-siding their first house, renovating bathrooms and installing trim and flooring. However, a back injury sidelined many of those hobbies, so now, when not writing, she enjoys hanging out with family—especially her new grandbaby—brainstorming new stories with fellow writers, and hiking or kayaking in God's beautiful creation. She loves to connect with her readers and can be found online at her website.

And now, here’s Sandra!

From the moment I saw this 1913 Cadillac convertible pull into our church parking lot, I knew I wanted to use it in a book. So I decided the heroine of Fatal Inheritance, Becki Graw, should inherit, along with her grandparents’ old farmhouse.

Of course, to write authentically about how riding in one feels, I had to ask the owners for a ride!

And since I write romantic suspense, my sweetheart needed to join me.

But let’s not forget the suspense! I grilled the owners on how my diabolical villain might sabotage their horseless carriage. I’ve got to tell you, it’s scary how easy it would be, if he were actually to do it, which, of course, I can’t tell you.

I learned that Horseless Carriage Clubs plan fabulous tours for their members to take in sights, from the comfort of their antique vehicles.

The quaint area depicted above is only ten minutes from where I grew up, yet I’d never seen it before our adventure!

My plan was to include quite a bit about such an excursion-turned-scary in the novel, but you’ll have to read the book to find out if the story went according to plan.

Thankfully, nothing scary happened while we were out for our excursion!

Not like these ghostly cars—one of which did make it into my book. Ah, research is so inspiring!

If you’d like to check out other intriguing pics and bonus features for Fatal Inheritance, visit:

Camy: Thanks for being here, Sandra!

Fatal Inheritance
by Sandra Orchard

Someone wants to stop Becki Graw from claiming her inheritance. Police officer Joshua Rayne is just as determined to keep his beautiful neighbor safe. She may not be the tomboy Josh remembers, but she's just as stubborn. Becki is intent on keeping her grandparents' remote farmhouse—no matter the danger. Becki's feelings for her childhood crush may be rekindled, but she's seen too much to risk opening her heart. As the threats against Becki escalate, the list of suspects grows longer. Josh must convince Becki to trust him with her heart—and her life—before a madman ends their chance at happiness…permanently.


  1. Thanks for having me, Camy! This week I have a different kind of giveaway on my FB page. Rather than throw in your own name to receive a copy, people can nominate (in the comments on the FB post) a friend or loved one to receive a copy of the book. Everyone is welcome to suggest someone.
    I'm at facebook/SandraOrchard, for anyone who'd like to nominate someone.

    1. What a neat idea for a giveaway! Thanks for being here, Sandra!

  2. Loved this interview!! Sandra Orchard is a new author for me, but I am looking forward to reading many books written by her! I have entered the giveaway on Facebook. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of your book! Camy, thanks for having Sandra!
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