Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest blog and giveaway - Lifeline by Christy Barritt

Today I have Love Inspired Suspense author Christy Barritt guest blogging!

About Christy:

Christy Barritt has two new romantic suspense novels coming out in 2011: Keeping Guard and The Last Target. She's also the author of the Squeaky Clean Mystery series, which follows the adventures of crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire. When Christy's not working on her books, she writes articles for various publications and leads worship at her church. She lives in Virginia with her husband, two young sons and a houseplant named Martha. When Christy has some free time, she enjoys… Who's she kidding? She never has free time! And she wouldn't have it any other way. Visit her website at

And now, here’s Christy!

Hello, Everyone!

Thanks for inviting me to share a little bit about Lifeline, my July release from Love Inspired Suspense.

I love the various aspects of writing novels. One thing I’ve started to do in the past couple of years is, before I start writing a new book, I find actors who look like my characters. I’m a visual person, so this aspect of brainstorming is a lot of fun for me. I put a lot of thought into my characters and their personalities, and I try to find actors who reflect my story people.

When I finally decide who would best play the role of my characters, I print pictures of the actors and post them on my bulletin board. I keep the photos there until the book is finished with edits. This helps to keep the characters fresh in my mind.

Bradley Stone is the hero in Lifeline. He’s strong, quiet, slightly intimidating, and tough. He works for a para-military organization called Eyes, which helps to train soldiers and law enforcement personnel. I cast Mark Valley as Bradley Stone. He actually fit the image of this character perfectly.

The heroine in my book is Julianne Grace. Julianne is breathtakingly beautiful, as well as sweet and caring. She’s come from an abusive relationship and fears her ex-boyfriend, who supposedly died in a Navy SEALs training accident, is actually alive and trying to kill her. I cast Minka Kelly. Minka fit this role really well also.

Thanks for letting me share, and I hope you’ll check out Lifeline!

Camy: Thanks for guest blogging today, Christy!

Christy’s giving away a copy of her Love Inspired Suspense, Lifeline.

Christy Barritt

"I did it for you."

The chilling words in the text message have Julianne Grace fearing for her life. She's sure that her abusive ex-fiancé has killed two people—and that she's the next target. But will anyone believe that her presumed dead ex is really alive? The only man who can help Julianne is cool, aloof security specialist Bradley Stone. Not only does she need his protection, but he's also the link to finding answers about her ex-fiancé's death. And the closer Bradley and Julianne get to the truth—and to each other—the angrier the madman after Julianne becomes. One wrong move and they could both fall prey to the killer's deadly scheme.

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