Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The "real" Steven Nishimoto from A DANGEROUS STAGE

Those of you who’ve read A Dangerous Stage will recognize a new character I introduced in that book, Steven Nishimoto, who interacts with Charles a bit.

My character Steven created the company Neesh, the most high-profile computer company in San Francisco. The profits from Neesh rival Apple.

Steven is half-Asian (half Japanese), tall with the regal bearing of a prince. He’s lean, muscular, and athletic, with a shaved head and hazel eyes. He’s 55 years old, but he’s run 10 marathons and is in training for a new one after taking a hiatus from running for several years.

When I was writing the book, I was groping for a name for this character and that’s when I decided to use the name of a young man I know from church, the “real” Steven Nishimoto!

Captain Caffeine and I were youth leaders for the real Steven Nishimoto when he was in high school, and now that he’s out of college, he has taken over as youth director for our church youth group. (So basically, after we were his youth leaders, now he’s sort of our boss. :)

The real Steve is quite a bit younger but just as athletic. The real Steve is also full Japanese rather than half-Japanese, like my character is.

I cannibalized Steve’s name because at the time he was training for his first marathon, and in my book, my character was also training for a marathon. It was fun to write about my character Steven when the character is so different from the actual young man I know. :)

Steve has a clip that was filmed by Nike so you can see him in action!

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