Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Katsudon (tonkatsu donburi)

Heather H. on Facebook asked me about this when she was reading A Dangerous Stage, and she suggested I blog about it, so this post is all because of her. :)

Katsudon is a pork cutlet with a Japanese style "gravy" over rice. It's not what you'd think of as traditional Southern gravy, it's more like a lighter teriyaki sauce, which has eggs in it. Captain Caffeine loves this dish, which is one of the reasons it's in A Dangerous Stage. When I was writing the scene, I was trying to think of food for them to eat and this was the first thing to come to mind.

This recipe is closest to what I envisioned when I wrote that scene in Nez's restaurant. Instead of dashi, I usually use beef or chicken stock, and for the cutlets, I usually use regular breadcrumbs, but if you have panko, then totally use that. If you ever get a chance to order this in a Japanese restaurant, it'll probably be a little more fancy, but it'll taste essentially like this recipe.

This is totally Asian style comfort food. :)

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