Thursday, March 07, 2013

Large Rectangle in Spider Net with Modified Border

I had finished this lace shawl a long time ago, but I hadn’t yet blocked it since pinning takes SO long.

(Blocking the process where you soak it in water with some baby shampoo, then soak in water to rinse, then gently squeeze between a towel to dry and then pin it on a blocking board to open up the stitches. The wool yarn will stay in that opened up shape until it gets wet again.)

I finally got around to blocking this and got my pictures up! If you’re a knitter and interested, here’s the link to the shawl on Ravelry.

I have to admit I’m rather proud of this, although I’m disappointed I didn’t have enough yarn for the original border in the pattern, which was really pretty.


  1. Camy, that is beautiful. I really like the lacy look of the stitches and the color is so pretty.

  2. I like it like. Very pretty. The colors are a great choice.

    I crocheted a hat in the fall. I loved wearing it this winter. I have the yarn to knit a hat as well but bought the wrong needles. It'll be too late for this winter but It will be ready for next fall.

    1. I'm always knitting in preparation for fall and winter wearing! I can never find anything I want to knit and wear during the spring and summer.