Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homemade lemonade

This is not going to sound exciting to most of you, but since I don’t have children, this was pretty novel for me--I made homemade lemonade for the first time!

I used the recipe above (click the picture) and it turned out GREAT. Not too tart, not too sweet (I used less sugar than recommended in the recipe, but only a little less--something like 7/8 cup rather than 1 cup).

I’ve had homemade lemonade and limeade when my friends have made it, but I’ve never tried to make it myself. However, we’d gotten a bunch of lemons from the organic co-op we belong to, plus I still had some lemons I got from my uncle back in December (they were those thick-skinned lemons from his tree and surprisingly they lasted fine in the fridge). So I sliced them and squeezed them to get rid of them.

This was so easy I think I’ll make lemonade next time we host our college group Bible study at our house!

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