Monday, March 04, 2013

Green smoothie take 2

After my first foray into green smoothies, I made them for a while but then stopped. But then my cousin talked about how his cholesterol dropped when he started juicing, so I took up my green smoothies again. It’s hard for me since it’s cold here in California, and I don’t like drinking cold smoothies when I’m cold. (Captain Caffeine, on the other hand, tends to “run hot,” so he’s always happy to have ice in what he drinks.)

Anyway, I’m also trying to be good and use up the veggies and fruits we get from our organic coop. A couple weeks ago, Captain Caffeine brought home some grapefruit from a coworker and I also wanted to use that.

Grapefruit pith is bitter, so I squeezed the grapefruit juice into our Blendtec juicer. Then I added two apples (cored and sliced), a handful of kale leaves (stalks removed), a ginormous spoonful of honey, and a couple tablespoons of cashew butter.

I got the idea for the nut butter because my mom always loved the Ono Ono strawberry shake from KC Drive Inn in Hawaii, which adds peanut butter to the strawberry shake. I didn’t think it would taste that good but I ended up really liking it. So in making this shake, I thought, why not add some nut butter and see?


Yes it looks like a swamp but it actually tastes good. The cashew butter gives it a slightly nutty taste that pairs decently with the citrus.

Any smoothie recipes you like?


  1. I've never juiced, Camy. The green kind of throws me off. Who knows... thanks to your blogging this I might give it a try :)

    1. I'm always pleasantly surprised at how good green smoothies taste, as long as I make sure to add enough fruit and honey to them!

  2. I have tried a couple of green smoothies. One had spinach and the other avocado. I really liked them. There are some good smoothie recipes in the Smoothies booklet that PIL Cookbooks puts out every March. You can find it now at the grocery store in the magazine section by the cashier. This year version has a green smoothie section.

    Also the websites that collect cooking blogs like Tastespotting and Food Gawker have tons of smoothie recipe blog posts. And then the most dangerous place of all Pinterest has the yummy pictures that link to smoothie blog post recipes.

    1. I've never had an avocado smoothie--I'll have to try that!