Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I’ve been making more of an effort to finish reading my To Be Read pile of books, many of which are paperbacks. Some of you may already know that I enjoy knitting while I read--usually something super easy like stockinette stitch socks or a garter stitch baby jacket. I typically can only knit when I’m reading an ebook, because I can prop my ebook reader up in front of me and simply swipe to change pages.

For a while I tried to find some way to be able to prop a paperback book up and turn pages easily (one-handed), but couldn’t come up with any particularly good method. Then I did some Googling last week and found the BookGem, an invention that seemed very innovative after I watched their instructional video. It wasn’t expensive, so I ordered one. I was willing to try anything to be able to read paperbacks hands-free and turn pages with only one hand.

I tried my BookGem this weekend and really liked it. The option of putting the pages in a temporary slot really helped me be able to turn the pages one-handed.

Here is my book in my BookGem with one of the books I read this weekend, The Fortunate Marriage by Meriol Trevor:

Here it is without the book in it:

Here it is with the little shelf folded/flipped back up.

I know I’m probably unusual in needing to read my paperbacks hands-free, but I really do like knitting while I read, and I have an unfortunate (and favorite) habit of eating while I read. A hands-free holder and a knitting project in my hands helps me not to eat while I read, so that hopefully I can lose a few pounds this year!

Any of you have any favorite hands-free gadgets for reading?


  1. Ohhh I just love this! Does it adjust for smaller books?

    1. Smaller than a mass market paperback? I think it could. I've been using it for all my paperbacks and it works great!

  2. Replies
    1. Totally works great! Altho at the rate you read, you'll probably need to turn pages too fast and it might end up being annoying.

  3. I ordered one! Can't wait to try it out!