Friday, June 01, 2012

TMI Warning: My hormones are turning me into a watering pot

I had voice lessons yesterday and afterward came home and played the soundtrack to the musical, The Secret Garden (I have a crush on Mandy Patinkin).

So I was singing along a bit idly, but then I got to the song where Archibald Craven is missing his dead wife and I suddenly started BAWLING. Seriously!

So then I composed myself and I was singing along and then I got to the song where Mary asks her uncle for a garden plot to plant seeds in, and he’s lamenting that the one thing she really needs that he can’t give her is a home, and again I started wailing! And not pretty little tears but heaving, choking, ugly sobby things.

And the whole time my mind was going, “Why in the world am I crying????”

I think my hormones are whacked out because of my pre-menopause. Then again, Captain Caffeine accused me the other day that I’m blaming everything on the pre-menopause, but hey, if I’ve got an excuse, why not use it?

Oh and yes, I’m loving my voice lessons so far! I’m really learning a lot about how to more effectively use my voice.


  1. I'm smiling and sending you hugs. Isn't it 'fun' to be female? When it's overwhelming you can write a book and beat someone up or something in it. ;)

    1. LOL! Yes, I wonder if my characters are extra mean if I'm writing during that time of the month????