Thursday, June 07, 2012

Eye-Burn Warning for Contact Lens Solution

Did you see this article on Eye-Burn Warning for Contact Lens Solution? What’s kind of funny is that I had just bought new contact lens solution like an hour before I saw the link to the article. LOL

But then I read the article and realized that earlier today I saw this solution in the cupboard for Captain Caffeine’s contact solution. I better make sure he knows that you have to soak the lenses for 6 hours in the special container to allow the solution to neutralize, and not use it straight for rewetting the lenses. But I don’t think that will be a problem for him, because he has hard lenses and usually doesn’t need a rewetting solution before putting the lenses into his eyes. Or he uses water.

Do you use this solution? Be careful!


  1. I use that kind. It's perfectly fine and safe as long as people use it correctly and only in the special cup that comes with the solution. I actually really like it-- it gets my contacts very clean. Been using it for years. :)

  2. I use it too. I just got contacts this year and it works better for me than the multi-purpose solution.

  3. Thanks guys! I don't think Captain Caffeine has switched yet, but I'll be sure to remind him to use the special cup.