Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Cleaning the house, one table at a time

It annoys me how cluttered my house is. So this year, I have announced to Captain Caffeine that we are getting rid of 50% of our stuff (like how I phrased that?). Most of that stuff are things we intend to get rid of anyway but just haven’t gotten around to.

So this past Sunday we spent 2 and a half grimy hours cleaning out the patio. But now, I have a clear table against the wall where before I had trash. Yay! I also now have a clear enough cement floor that the Captain could sweep for the first time in, oh, maybe eight years.

I am so proud of ourselves! There are a few larger pieces the Captain will need help to move--maybe we’ll bribe some college kids to help out--but the patio is mostly clean.

Next up--the garage!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so proud of you!! And encouraged by your progress. Next time we see each others' houses, we'll both be happily surprised.

  2. good for you! Yay, a patio! :)
    www.flylady.net has been a helper for me. Have fun cleaning!

    1. Thanks! I actually did try Flylady for a while but just couldn't keep up. It didn't help that Capt Caffeine thought she was nuts. :)

  3. We were doing great decluttering for awhile, but we've been so busy that right now, all the clutter just gets transferred from one room to the other! LOL. Cute Rocker Dude threatened to call Hoarders on me...until he realized that his studio is THE most cluttered room in the house now. LOLOL! Great job, gals! I'm proud of you.