Friday, June 15, 2012

Clean plate syndrome

You know what’s freeing? Realizing that if I’m not liking what I’m eating, I don’t have to finish it.

I was eating leftovers yesterday and not really enjoying it (it was Minnesota wild rice soup, but I had added too much kale). I kept slogging through until it hit me, Duh, I don’t have to keep eating.

So I dumped the rest down the garbage disposal and refuse to feel guilty for all the starving children in Africa who wouldn’t have eaten my yucky soup, either.

I didn’t waste the calories on bad food.

I should have realized this earlier, because it’s like how I’ve been with my reading lately, I don’t have time to waste on a book that doesn’t interest me. There are lots of books that I ought to read, or that are well-written, but if the story doesn’t resonate with me for whatever reason, I don’t have to finish reading it!

How about you? Do you finish your food and your books?


  1. I haven't been finishing a lot of books I've been picking up, but maybe that just means I'm not very good at picking books. (Actually I just started Protection for Hire today, and I won't be putting that one down :D)


    1. I hope you enjoy Protection for Hire! There are a lot of books that I start reading because the story premise is great or the back cover blurb sounds fantastic or it's an author whose books I've liked before, but then I end up losing interest and putting the book down, so I don't think it's an issue of being able to pick books. :) Some of them just look more interesting than they end up being for me.