Friday, June 22, 2012


When I got a bunch of basil in our organic co-op basket, I stuck it in a mug of water on the counter and intended to use it within a few days before it got wilty.

Except it didn’t get wilty!

It’s actually growing--you can see some flowers sprouting on one of the basil sprigs.

This is a surprise to my hideously black thumb (which is NOT genetic, because my dad grows gorgeous hibiscus and my mom always had a vegetable garden when I was growing up).

So I have been very good and replacing the water every day, and keeping the basil several inches away from heat sources like the toaster oven, stove, and my hot water pot (it is only temporarily in front of the espresso maker since Captain Caffeine isn’t home at the moment).

I wonder how long I can keep it growing???


  1. Careful, when it "buds" on top the taste of the basil changes completely--and not for the better.

  2. congratulations, you've discovered hydroponics ;)

    1. Really??? I had no idea!!!! That's kind of cool!