Friday, May 25, 2012

Calcium supplements might increase risk of heart attack

I was completely shocked to hear this on KLOVE yesterday and then I saw this article on WebMD.

I don’t get how they say the increase in risk is “moderate” but then they say there’s an 86% increased risk of heart attack. Maybe because out of 24,000 patients, only 354 of them had heart attacks.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll stop taking my calcium supplements and drink milk instead.


  1. Great... I just bought some new calcium soft chews yesterday since my vitamin D is normally low and my teeth have had more cavities. Wondering if I should only take them once or twice a week Instead of twice a day to use them now. Seems everything we are told is beneficial is later disputed or even harmful.

  2. I know! It's so frustrating! I just bought a bottle from Costco!

  3. So now we have to choose between strong bones and a heart attack?

  4. I know, right? Isn't it just crazy?? I decided to keep taking my calcium supplements because a) I spent money on them and b) my family doesn't have a history of heart problems.