Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Need title ideas

I wrote a book for Guideposts that’s one in a continuing series and I need a title for the book. Here are the themes in the book, in no particular order:

Maine coastline
Tourist town
Old historical church building (250 years old)
Bell tower in the church
Bronze bell in the church bell tower
Secret rooms in the church
Mysterious times when the bell inexplicably rings to warn of danger
A cipher found in the back of an old (250 years) Book of Prayer
A secret treasure hidden in the bell tower
A woman novelist working on her second book, and also working on interviews and guest blogs for a blog tour
A pastry chef shipping cakes, cookies, and other goodies in an internet business
A widow selling her husband’s grand home and packing up the remnants of her married life, needing to move on but it’s difficult
An artist whose painting has been stolen from her gallery

My editor said that titles should be only TWO WORDS.

So who’s game to help me out? Any ideas?

Update: Sorry guys, I didn't realize that it had cut off earlier! I corrected it and here's the full post.


  1. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"...that one's not taken, right?

    The Sound of Danger

  2. The Bell Tolls for Death
    The Ring of Truth
    Writing for Life
    Our Very Worst Vacation :)

  3. I love the ring of truth one! That sounds good! I can't say what title to use really cus I haven't read the book. But whenever I'm having trouble picking a title, I go back to the story and pick out the tiniest detail that seems so insignificant, but without it, the story would fall apart. It's a little time consuming, but I recommend it :)

    1. I thought of that, but since there are essentially 5 different plot threads in this one, it was a little hard to find something significant to all five plot threads.

  4. Whispered Secrets
    No Sanctuary

    The two word makes it harder for you! Three would be easier. :)
    Beacon of Secrets

    Can't wait for this one Camy. After all. It's my state of Maine. :)

  5. Amy--that's a good one! Thanks!

    Susan--great ideas! Thanks a bunch!