Tuesday, April 17, 2012

iPad Mini? I don’t know if I’d want one.

Not that I’m the authority on predicting any of this stuff, however, if Apple does come out with a smaller tablet later this year, I don’t know if I would use it.

Right now, I am not really using my iPad as a substitute computer. I do use it when I write--I have my scene index displayed on it while I type on my Alphasmart. I use my iPad to watch movies and read books, but it’s a bit heavy for bookreading if I don’t have it propped up on a table in front of me.

For reading, I still prefer my Nook because it’s smaller and lighter and the eInk technology makes it look like a book, so the screen doesn’t fatigue my eyes. Since I’m at the computer so much, that’s a key factor for me.

For the other stuff I use the iPad for, a smaller screen wouldn’t be appealing.

How many of you guys have Kindle Fires or Nook Tablets or Nook Colors? How do you use it? Primarily for reading or for other things?


  1. Oh...wow. A mini iPad? Seems kinda weird. If I wanted that size, I'd buy a Kindle Fire.

  2. I think if I wanted that size, I'd get the mini iPad simple because I think the quality of the technology would be better. But I'm just not sure I'd actually use that size.

  3. Does the fact that Apple are bringing out a Fire-sized tablet tell us something about who they see their competition as?

    I'm with Trinka - if I wanted something that small, I'd buy a Fire or another android-based tablet. My kids would love an iPad, but they are a very expensive toy and no one has yet convinced me of their functionality.

  4. Good point, Iola!

    To be honest, now that I've had my iPad and used it for a while, I am convinced of its functionality, and I would choose a mini iPad over a Kindle Fire. But I think it also depends on what you'll use it for. If you're only going to read and play games on it, a Fire is a better use of your money.

  5. I have the Kindle Touch which is just the right size for me to take to the doctor's office. My husband got the Kindle Fire after seeing my Touch. He is big on movies etc. We both use our Kindles predominantly for reading. A lot of reading. :) I don't know if this helps very much. I've -eyed- the iPad but the can't imagine a smaller one.

  6. Thanks, Susan! If I had a Kindle Fire I'd probably use it more for reading than anything else, and since I have my Nook, that's no reason for me personally to get one, or the mini iPad.