Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love getting books. Especially when they’re mine!

The Price of Truth, book 20 in the Patchwork Mysteries series published by Guideposts!

Back cover blurbs (I think you can click on it for a larger picture):

Sorry, folks, these babies aren’t yet available to buy at online stores although you might be able to get them secondhand from eBay or Amazon.com.

I loved writing for this series. I had no idea how much I enjoyed writing cozy mysteries until I wrote for the Patchwork Mysteries series. I even liked the quilting research I did! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about that because I tend to like crafty stuff like knitting and spinning.

Any crafts you like to do? Anyone of you guys do quilts? I tip my hat to you. I know exactly how time consuming it is to create something so beautiful!


  1. I'll have to look for this series. I've tried making a couple of quilts. I have made a top with hand-embroidered squares. I sewed it by hand too. I'm not that keen on the sewing machine.

  2. WOW by hand?? I am SO impressed! What pattern did you use for the top you made?