Friday, April 06, 2012

Gardeners: Any advice for the Infamous Black Thumb?

I have confessed my black thumb before and made some of you cringe at my sloppy gardening, but this article I saw on Yahoo made me wonder if I should exert myself and get a couple of these plants in our home, since they help detoxify the air. The peace lily is pretty but I wonder how hard it is to care for. Will it go the way of my cyclamen? Any of you gardeners have advice for me?


  1. Get ivy. It's pretty and forgiving if you fail to water regularly.

  2. True, Rita! The ivy they put in office buildings will develop roots on trimmings if just in water. :) If you bring any Lily plant inside, and some others, be careful if you have cats. They are toxic. I can't give much advice, as it's taken me about 20 years to have a front flower bed that reproduces itself each spring/summer with only a bit of weeding and maybe a few annuals thrown in for variety. Good luck!

  3. I don't have cats so I think I'll be okay. I might try both ivy and lilies to see which I can kill faster. :)