Friday, April 20, 2012

Dark chocolate digestive biscuits, part deux

I ordered the McVitie’s dark chocolate digestive biscuits last week and they came today!!!!

I can totally understand why people snarf these down by the packetful. They are SO good!

Now, I’ve had the Le Petit Ecolier (The Little Schoolboy) chocolate cookie-biscuits by LU Biscuits and I loved them. I was expecting the McVitie’s biscuits to be similar, and they are, but at the same time they’re very different.

McVitie’s chocolate biscuits have a thinner layer of chocolate that melts more easily, so rather than a block of chocolate in my mouth, it’s a delicate, creamy chocolate flavor. The McVitie’s biscuits are also more crumbly than what I remember of the Le Petit Ecolier biscuits, and I kind of like the more toothsome texture of the McVitie’s, which I think is from the whole wheat flour.

Of course, now I will have to get the Le Petit Ecolier cookies again, just to compare, you see.

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