Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ashley Judd is my new hero

I have always loved Ashley Judd as an actress because I think she’s gorgeous and I’ve liked her in all the movies she’s done that I’ve seen. I have been loving her in her new TV series “Missing” but recently heard about the critics who said she’s clearly had work done because her face looks puffy and because she has no wrinkles. Really? Figure out what you’re saying, people.

Ashley wrote this column to refute the critics (she’s amazingly articulate--I had no idea) and also here’s a short video:

Why are we so quick to criticize a woman’s appearance? I’m ashamed of every time I’ve thought an actress looked like she gained weight.

I actually really like Ashley in “Missing” because she looks about the right age to have a college-aged son, as opposed to other shows where the actress looks like she’s in her late twenties and yet she has a teenager.

What do you think of all this?


  1. Man, I have a new respect for this lady. I love her new series, Missing! And I thought she had aged nicely since I'd seen her last movie. She looks in her early 40s, which I think is her age. But who cares? Why is our culture so obsessed with appearance??? Especially for women! If she had work done or if she didn't, what's the big deal? It's nobody's business! And has nothing to do with her acting ability. Thanks for posting this, Cams!

  2. Kudos to Ashley! It's so cool to see a "public figure" addressing these issues. And that she herself is experiencing the problems, rather than it just being empty talk, will make much more of an impact.

  3. just found the show last night and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Loved the shout out to Castle a few eps ago too)After reading the article, Ashley is my new hero! I ache for her that she even had to speak out about that. My prayers and thanks to her and her family!

  4. I used to love Ashley Judd, but I changed my mind when I heard her refer to the rights of the unborn as a "woman's health issue". She is pro-choice in an aggressive and unflattering way. While I don't dislike women who are pro-choice, I dont care for the hostility.

    I think the puffy look is probably due to drinking too much, but I don't watch the show.

    I agree with you on casting someone who actually looks like she could have a 20 year old son. I point to the new series Awake with Jason Isaacs as an example. His wife looks too young to have a teenage son in my opinion.

  5. I don't understand why women are targets all of the time. I don't know about you but I'm tired of it. I'm glad Ashley spoke out. She is an excellent actress. I really enjoy her new show too.

  6. Maria, for what it's worth, my take on that is that since Ashley isn't a Christian, I can't expect her to feel the same way about abortion that I do. What I can do is try to listen to the Holy Spirit and not be hostile back to unbelievers, or be judgmental since it's God who will ultimately judge. But I will pray for her because it seems so sad to have someone be hostile about this issue. It could be that some hostile pro-life person did or said something to make her think all pro-life people are crazy and fanatical.