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Mega Millions

Hubby bought a lottery ticket. I hope this doesn't make us bad Christians. LOL

Captain Caffeine said that we're guaranteed to win because he bought it from a Mom-n-Pop grocery store. ;)

How about you? Anyone bought a ticket?


  1. I bought one - with two lines to try to win. I usually never buy one, but figured someone might win- or else, getting a few numbers could give me a little extra cash, right? lol

    I think it's about the same as spending it on other things we don't really "need", such as our specialty coffees, candy (though, if it is chocolate, I NEED IT- haha), too many clothes, etc. Tossing tons of money into gambling would be a bit different, I think.

  2. That's a good way of putting it! And I have gone to Vegas to play slots, which while mildly entertaining isn't something I'd spend a ton of money on. I guess the lottery is the same way.


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