Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas decorations

Captain's Log, Stardate 12.11.2011

I'm watching a TV show about the lights other people put up for Christmas. Some of them put in SO much time and work into their Christmas lights! Many of them synchronize their lights with music. One guy starts in September!

We are very low key in general. We have a fake wreath that I've decorated with Hawaiian themed Christmas ornaments and a string of lights, which we pull out every year. This year we might get a small tree, too.

What do you guys do for Christmas decorations? Post pics on my Goodreads thread if you can!


  1. Yeah, I saw something like that on tv last year :P All we do is put up our very old, very FAKE Christmas tree and then decorate it ;)

  2. I like fake. Easy to put up and take down, and no needles to have to vacuum up! But I do like the smell of a real tree. We might get a real wreath instead.

  3. Haha, not with ours! There are TONS of needles to sweep up, seeing as it's about 19 years old!

  4. We always buy a fresh wreath for the front door - they sell beautiful craft ones in our village. Each year the tree gets smaller and this year I think we might just content ourselves with silver twigs in a nice vase,

  5. Those twigs sound pretty! My parents' tree keeps get smaller each year, too! This year is the smallest yet, 4 feet high.