Monday, November 21, 2011

Comfort reading food

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So here's a random question that occurred to me, so I thought I'd put it out there for you guys:

When you read, do you have "comfort food" you go for? Especially when you have a really good read?

I was thinking about this and realized that I have definite habits when it comes to my eating and reading.

I love enjoying tea with my reading, usually English style tea with milk and honey, but sometimes Japanese green tea (genmaicha, specifically).

I also love eating Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws while I read. In fact, I have a bag open right now! I get them from Costco and they're slightly lower in fat than potato chips, plus they're light and crispy. I used to like eating potato chips, but they tend to be too greasy after a while, whereas Veggie Straws are a bit lighter.

I also love reading while eating ramen or any type of soup, really. I set my book in front of my plate and read while eating. I know it's terrible to do that but when I have so many solitary meals, I've come to really look forward to my reading and eating ramen in the middle of the day. It used to be harder with paperback books, and I would use a book weight to keep the book open. But now I use my Nook and turning pages is just a touch to the screen.

I will especially turn to one of these three if the book I'm reading is REALLY REALLY GOOD! It's as if I want to milk maximum enjoyment from my time, so I combine a great story with food I love.

So do you indulge in comfort food while reading? What do you tend to do?

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  1. No...I don't really eat while reading. But that's because I like to read in solitude, and the only place I can get that is in my bedroom, AND {wow this is turning into a run on sentence! :3 } I'm not allowed to eat in my room. I DO like to eat ramen while reading, though ;) {of course, only when the house is empty!}

  2. I feel for you! I would hate not being able to eat while reading! I did a lot of reading at the kitchen table when I was still living at home. :P Mom got snippy with me because I kept ignoring her.

  3. Reading is almost always done with a hot beverage- just switching over from mugicha and fruity water (warmer months) to tea with the occasional hot chcolate (cooler months. I also like 100 cal bags of kettle corn every now and then to stave off hunger when I have a book I NEED to finish ;)

  4. Mmm mugicha! Right now I'm drinking genmaicha, which I pretty much drink all year round.