Friday, June 10, 2011

Scones, take two

Captain’s Log, Stardate 06.10.2011

Some of you might remember the Heart-Attack-Inducing Scones from late April. Well, after gaining TWO pounds in a week, I decided not to make another batch until I could run some of those pounds off my butt.

I lost 2 pounds and then gained 1 back, so I figured that was close enough.

I made scones the other day and tried my scone recipe, but instead of cream I used lowfat milk to see if that would make them slightly healthier but still tasty.


They were rather dry. I think next I’ll try using cream, but half the butter and see if that makes them slightly healthier but still tasty.

They will probably not be as amazing as the full fat version, but if I can get it close, I will be happy.

Any suggestions?


  1. Don't sub out the cream. I've tried scones with fat free half and half, and they weren't nearly as good. Instead of cutting fat, I make mini scones. I get double or triple the yield of one recipe (depending on how "mini" they are), and I find that one or two of those is usually enough.

  2. Thanks! I'm already making "mini" scones and it really does help that they're smaller! I'll use the cream, then, rather than milk. Can I use less butter or does that sacrifice taste too much?

  3. You realize that the scones we're eating in NYC will be made with real butter, right?

  4. I am trying to recreate the good scones!!! But maybe with a little less butter. Remember those scones from Lisa's Tea Treasures? Like THOSE!!!