Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This week’s Street Team challenge

Captain’s Log, Stardate 06.02.2010

See update below!

So for those of you who are on my Street Team, I sent out a new challenge this week: The first seven people to give away all their bookmarks get an autographed ARC (Advanced Reading Copy, an uncorrected proof) of my debut novel, Sushi for One! (I ran out of regular copies but still have seven ARCs left, and they’re pretty close to the version that’s in print.)

Update: I extended this challenge through June so that the first 7 people who give away all their bookmarks get their choice of any of my books! If you want Sushi for One, it'll be an ARC, but Only Uni, Single Sashimi, and Deadly Intent are all regular books.

If you’re not on my Street Team, why?

It’s easy! Just give away my bookmarks. To everyone. Leave them everywhere. Take pics and post them on my Facebook page. Kudos for the most unusual/intriguing places and people!

(What's my Street Team? Click here!)

Win prizes! Ten winners get early copies of my September release, Formula for Danger, plus I’ll be holding bonus challenges every so often for other cool stuff.

Want to join? Email me at camy {at} camytang {dot} com.

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