Saturday, March 27, 2010

What’s on your reading shelf?

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.27.2010

I'm over at Girls, God, and the Good Life blog today:

Camy here! I have a special shelf next to my bed that I put my books-in-progress on (although that might be misleading because I don’t often read more than one book at a time).

Right now I just finished Betty Neels, A GIRL NAMED ROSE. It’s a really cute, sweet romance and I love practically all of Betty Neels’ books.

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  1. I need to check her out ;) Happy weekend

  2. I left a comment over there, but it hasn't shown up yet. I'll wait 'til tomorrow to see if it does and if it doesn't then I'll just redo it here, okay?


  3. Aw, I wonder why not? No problem, just weigh in here!

  4. All right! It hasn't shown up yet on the other blog, so I'll try to remember what I wrote.

    I think I was saying that I'm currently reading four different books at the moment. If I get a little tired of one then I just pick up another one, and I rotate between them. Anyways, I'm currently reading a biography of Julius Caesar, which isn't too bad [did you know that once, when he was captured by pirates, he was insulted by the ransom they set for him? He thought it was too small! There's more to that story, but I won't spoil it.], and a set of sermons by Charles Spurgeon, "Farm Sermons." I'm also reading a book by Harry Sinclair Drago called "Lost Bonanzas." It's about lost mines, such as the Lost Dutchman in the Superstition mountains in Arizona. It's really good, Drago presents everything from a factual perspective. I'm also reading a kind of memoir, "Pony Tracks," by Frederic Remington. It's little one-chapter memories from him, and though it's sometimes hard too read because of rambling and grammar issues it's not bad.

    But on my to-be-read shelf I have several Trixie Belden books [great brain-candy reads when I need something fun], a Nancy Drew book, "Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland", a book on castles in the British Isles, several books on the Old West and Civil War, including spies of the Civil War, and many miscellaneous fiction books.

    Thanks for this post, it was fun. Since I've found this blog, I've actually started keeping a list of books that I want to buy [eventually]. My Christian Fiction list is REALLY long! LOL!


  5. Wow you have such wide reading tastes! That's awesome!