Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you use a pressure Cooker?

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.17.2010

I'm over at the Love Inspired Authors blog talking about--what else?--food!

Camy here! I am writing today’s blog post because I must confess to loving my pressure cooker almost as much as my husband.

Yes, it’s a dirty little secret. If my pressure cooker gives up the ghost (which I know it will eventually due to the excessive use I deal to it), I will cry copious tears before going on to buy a new one.

So do you use a pressure cooker? Read the rest of my blog post and cast your vote!


  1. I don't. They scare the becheezits out of me. I think it's cause when I was little - my mother (a Cuban who use to use her pressure cooker all the time) would tell me horror stories of things that happened to people who messed with a pressure cooker. She did it to keep me from touching the pot when it was cooking. Now I'm totally scared of them. It worked ;)

  2. I don't have one, they kind of scare me.

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