Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bedtime discipline

Captain's Log, Stardate 01.28.2010

I’m at Faithchick today venting bemoaning whining discussing a problem I’ve been having lately:

Camy_tang_pinkthumbCamy here! I’m seriously hurting in the bedtime discipline area.

Hurting as in, I totally suck and couldn’t make myself go to bed on time even if I had an all expenses paid shopping trip to a yarn store in the morning.

(And trust me, I could spend thousands of dollars on yarn. Thousands, I tell you!)

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  1. I don't really have trouble falling asleep at night; I generally feel ready around 11:30. I have more trouble getting up early in the mornings, unless it's for something important like college classes.

    Yet, I do sometimes have trouble at night. I've found that if I imagine 'waves of relaxation' flow slowly over me, starting at my toes and going to my head, it helps. If my muscles don't relax with the 'waves', I take deep breaths and work on my muscles with the exhale. Also, I focus on keeping my breathing slow and shallow, and on keeping my mind a blank. When I do this, I can generally get to sleep faster.


  2. I've had problems with sleep for years. I have trouble getting myself to go to bed (love to stay up late when everyone else is asleep), and once I'm in bed, I can't go to sleep because I'm worrying about the next day. What works for me - no laptop after dinner (no emails, no writing, no paying bills); go to bed no later than 10PM no matter what; read in bed for at least a half hour to relax; do back exercises or stretch; and wear an eye mask when turning in to keep out any stray light. When I'm away from home, I use a Sleep CD that I bought at Target - I've used it so often that I fall asleep before the first "song" is over. Ear plugs help, too, for snoring husbands and loud hotels.I totally sympathize!


  3. Sasafras, I've tried those relaxation exercises but they don't work for me very well, I'm afraid. :(

    Marcy, you know, someone else mentioned no laptop before bed. I think I will try that. I'm not sure if I could use a sleep CD b/c I can't wear earbuds (or earplugs, for that matter) and I couldn't play it on speakers or it would bother my husband. Thanks for the ideas!