Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Captain's Log, Stardate 10.14.2009

I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly about knitting.

(Actually, if anyone knows of good romance novel podcasts, leave a comment to let me know the title so I can subscribe! I already subscribe to Romance Radio.)

I don’t know why I like them so much. Maybe because they’re relaxing to listen to. I haven’t tried listening to them as I run, but maybe I’ll do that next. I do enjoy listening to podcasts while knitting (even if the podcast is not about knitting).

So how about you guys? Do you listen to podcasts?

Also, I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast myself. My problem is that I really don’t know what I’d talk about. I don’t want it to be entirely about me or my books, and I don’t want it to be a how-to writing podcast (I’ve got my Story Sensei blog for that), nor a how-to knitting podcast (there are tons of those already). I would certainly be happy to talk a bit about me, my books, writing, and knitting (as well as my dog), but I don’t want to talk only about those things. Plus that just seems kind of ego centric to me.

So what in the world would I talk about?

Do you guys have any thoughts? For or against a Camy podcast? If you’re for it, what would you want me to talk about?

Oh, and I’m only thinking of a 15-20 minute podcast, nothing very long.


  1. How about a cooking podcast? You always seem to tweet yummy foods I'd like to try!

  2. the best thing to do is just start with your first podcast and talk about something you really love or something that you want to get off your chest. After you do a few, a theme will start to emerge on its own. The point is to do one. Action. Just do it! Nike would say :)

  3. Gina--that's true! I love food! Except I don't think I'd do a purely cooking podcast b/c I know there's a lot out there. But it's something I could talk about.

    Steph--great advice! I'll do it! You're right, it's like blogging, you just start doing it and then fall into a particular theme.

  4. I always thought it would be cool if someone would do a podcast/blog/vlog/etc. taking people through writing a novel, from day 1 to done. I don't necessarily mean a "how to," but more like interesting things that happen as you write it. Act as if writing the story is you traveling in a foreign country. You know what I mean?

    But really, you just be you! Take Steph's advice, people will listen to your podcast just because they enjoy you and what you have to say.


  5. I got hooked on an awesome podcast - that features interviews with creative professionals. So far I think they've all been photographers, but many of those have other creative outlets as well - writing, design, etc. I LOVE IT. Maybe something like that? Chat with other bloggers? Just an idea!

  6. Sasafras--that might be an idea, especially since writing is such a big part of my life.

    Rebecca--actually, I can do interviews with other authors now b/c I can record phone conversations with Skype. Thanks!


  7. Hey Camy!
    Sorry I'm not very creative...I have no idea what you should do your podcast on, but I definitely think you should do one. If you are just yourself....people will be lining up to subscribe! You're such a cool person...let me know when it starts *wink*

  8. Aw, thanks, Hannah! You're sweet. :)

  9. You should definitely start a podcast!!!!
    Maybe just about your life and what's going on with your life. Sort of like an open diary. You could include like a mini devotion to encourage people during the week/day.