Friday, September 11, 2009

My Facebook fan page!

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Camy Tang on Facebook

My lameness is really showing today, because I've only just discovered all the neat things I can do on my Facebook fan page, like a discussion board (Camy: "I have a discussion board? And people posted and I didn't even know it???"), updates I can send to all my fans (Camy: "I sent an update before! How did I do that?"), and status thingymajiggers (I really don't know what else to call's late, cut me some slack.)

I also put the widget on the sidebar to the right a little ways down (at least, I hope it shows up--Facebook loads screwy on my internet connection. I choose to blame it on our router since I can load Facebook fine on other people's wireless connections).

If you click through to my fan page and then click on the "Discussion" tab near the top, you can pop in and say Hi on a new thread I just started. Or you can start your own thread. I promise to PAY ATTENTION THIS TIME TO MY OWN FAN PAGE and contribute if you do. :)

Or upload pictures on my fan page! Isn't that a cool feature? And when did I discover this? Only today...

Oh, and hey, I posted it late yesterday, but did you call catch my iPod bragging video? The new iPod Nano with video (and microphone and speakers and FM tuner) just released on Thursday and my husband brought one home for me to play with. Well, no, he didn't bring it home only for me...he actually brought it home for him to play with...but he did catch me on video being goofy and vaguely Muppet-like.


  1. Camy,

    You are so funny! I haven't utilized the discussion boards yet, but I hope to as I gain more fans.

  2. Sounds like I'll have plenty to discover when I finally get there.