Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Knitting - Sharon's shawl

Captain's Log, Stardate 08.04.2009

I made a prayer shawl for my friend Sharon Hinck, and now that I've given it to her, I can post the pictures of it.

It's from my favorite knitting book, Victorian Lace Today. The pattern is "Shoulder Shawl in Syrian pattern," but I altered the top edge to have a picot border instead of the regular border.

I prayed as I made this shawl, so I'm hoping each time Sharon wears it, she feels a hug from both me and God. :)

If you’re on Ravelry, you can see details by clicking here.


  1. Oh Camy, that is beautiful. I saw Sharon's link on Facebook and had to come by to take a look. My mil is hoping to get our ladies group at church to do these. I think it's a wonderful idea...but I don't knit. She did say you could crochet them...and I know how to double-crochet. Hoping I can work on this little-by-little. Thanks for sharing. You are SO TALENTED!

  2. That's just beautiful, Camy-girl. And such a very sweet thought and sentiment!

  3. That is beautiful. Glad that Sharon made a link @ FB so we could all enjoy it.

    Mimi B

    Heading over to check out your guest post @ Missy's

  4. Hi Camy,
    I came over from Sharon's FB link also. What a sweet gift. A friend gave my mil a prayer shawl after my fil died. Adding my prayers to yours.....

  5. That is so cool! I am learning to knit, but am taking a break right now. I've only made a few baby bibs, a dishrag, a hat for my mom, and a scarf. They turned out pretty cute. I'm sure she will love the shawl!

  6. Thanks, guys! Debbie, you can definitely crochet a prayer shawl! They can be any size and shape, too!

  7. Gorgeous! And what a sweet thought!

    * Honey

  8. That is so pretty! You are so talented!