Friday, July 03, 2009

Deadly Intent blog tour full schedule

Captain's Log, Stardate 07.03.2009

My blog tour for my latest release, Deadly Intent, starts today!

7/3 I’m on the Steeple Hill blog in an interview with advice for writers, especially those targeting Steeple Hill.

7/5 My hero from Deadly Intent, Dr. Devon Knightley, is being interviewed at the CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog.

7/5 Heartsong Presents author Lena Nelson Dooley asks me what the happiest day of my life was.

7/6 through 7/10 Steeple Hill forum boards eHosty Dream and I are playing a game called “Fact or Fiction” at the Steeple Hill forum boards all this week! Prizes galore! Come play! (You must register for the boards to enter)

7/6 My heroine from Deadly Intent, Naomi Grant, is being interviewed by award-winning Steeple Hill author Margaret Daley.

7/7 On the So Many Books, So Little Time blog, check out the link to see the view from the actual winery where my favorite scene in Deadly Intent takes place.

7/7 I’m at Lynn Mosher’s blog, talking about satisfying romantic suspense novels.

7/8 My gorgeous friend, Mrs. Montana International, Angie Breidenbach reviews Deadly Intent.

7/9 Find out about my fictional “family” on Janna Ryan’s blog.

7/9 My friend and fellow Love Inspired Suspense author Virginia Smith reviews Deadly Intent

7/9 My friend and fellow Love Inspired Suspense author Virginia Smith reviews Deadly Intent

7/10 I’m on Angie Breidenbach’s blog writing about the healing and value of spas for people from all walks of life.

7/10 Read an excerpt of Deadly Intent on

7/13 On Dineen Miller’s blog, I spill the beans about the architecture that inspired the Joy Luck Life spa.

7/14 My "theme song" for Deadly Intent was "Mighty to Save" by Hillsong, and I blogged about the story behind how I picked that song for the book. Check out the Youtube videos and lyrics, also.

7/15 I’m on Deena Peterson’s blog (Happy Birthday, Deena!) in an interview, and I came up with a spontaneous contest in response to one of her questions. Contest still going on! I'll update here if someone finally wins!

7/15 On Tara’s blog, I share the recipe for a dish from Deadly Intent, Chinese chicken salad. It’s super easy!

7/16 My Aussie friend Rel does a character spotlight on Naomi, with pics of both who I pictured Naomi and Devon to look like.

7/16 I’m guest blogging at Deena Peterson’s blog about some of my favorite Love Inspired Suspense authors.

7/17 Deena Peterson reviews Deadly Intent.

7/17 My fellow Love Inspired Suspense author Liz Johnson asks me what song I’d sing for karaoke.

7/17 My good friend Georgiana Daniels reviews Deadly Intent.

7/20-7/21 I’m discussing Asian food—and the Asian food in Deadly Intent—on the blog of Christy Award-finalist Tosca Lee. Part one and part two.

7/20 Love Inspired and Avon Inspire author Lyn Cote is featuring Deadly Intent on her blog.

7/21 Check out Tina’s blog for the answer to who Devon’s character is loosely based on.

7/21 Thriller author Creston Mapes features my book on his blog.

7/22 On historical romance author M.L. Tyndall’s blog, I’m blogging about how my publication journey has impacted my faith in God.

7/22 Lyn Cote is posting a recipe of one of my favorite foods from Deadly Intent, and the story behind it.

7/22 Heidi Endicott reviews Deadly Intent on the Publishers Weekly blog.

7/23 I’m on the F.A.I.T.H. blog where I answer how my spa got the name Joy Luck Life.

7/24 I’m on the blog of romantic suspense author Robin Caroll with some background info on the character of Aunt Becca, with the original (rather chick-litty) opening to Deadly Intent, and the scoop behind the real ZOE International organization!

7/24 An excerpt of Deadly Intent is running this week on the Chapter-a-Week loop.

7/25 I’m at Prairie Chicks Write Romance talking about how I get by with a little help from my friends.

7/25 An excerpt of Deadly Intent is up on the FIRST Wild Card blog tour. Reviews are up at:

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7/27 Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt ask me what my biggest fear is.

7/28 Deadly Intent is reviewed on The Suspense Zone.

7/28 My friend MJ reviews my book on her blog, Creative Madness That Makes Me Myself.

7/28 Writers, read about the Basic Building Blocks of Good Story Structure at the blog of contemporary romance author Cheryl Wyatt.

7/30 I’m blogging about my continuing journey as a published author on my friend Tasra Dawson’s blog

7/30 My hero, Dr. Devon Knightley, talks about his own spiritual battles on Laura Domino’s blog

7/30 I'm on the blog of my friend and fellow Love Inspired Suspense author Janet Dean with a guest blog post about my heroine, Naomi, and her family pressures--which I hope/think a lot of you will relate to!

7/30 Patricia reviews Deadly Intent--I like her take on my "voice."

7/30 Tina also reviews Deadly Intent

7/31 Laura Domino reviews Deadly Intent.

8/1 I’m guest blogging about the top ten things that inspired me to write Deadly Intent on Heidi Strawser’s blog, and she also reviews Deadly Intent.

8/3 My friend and Love Inspired romance author Missy Tippens asks me, "Is it easier to write suspense because of the built-in conflict of a villain?"

8/4 Deborah reviews Deadly Intent.

8/5 Alison Strobel Morrow interviews me about the genre switch, my next book coming out, and what I'm reading right now.

8/6 Writers, I’m guest blogging about plotting on the blog of my friend Pamela James

8/8 My lovely Genesis coordinator Erica Vetsch asks me to blog about the differences in writing category suspense and trade contemporary romance.

8/10 I spill ALL about visiting my friend Audra Harders and milking her goat! No joke!

8/11 Amy reviews Deadly Intent. Stay tuned for an interview with her in a few weeks!

8/12 My friend and Love Inspired romance author Betsy St. Amant reviews Deadly Intent.

8/13 My friend and women’s fiction author Christina Berry reviews Deadly Intent and I show the necklace that inspired Jessica's diamonds in the book! :) (pre-order Christina’s debut novel, The Familiar Stranger!)

8/13 Women’s fiction author Trish Perry asks what inanimate object best represents me. Can you guess?

8/14 Gina Welborn reviews Deadly Intent.

8/14 I’m on the blog of my friend Ronie Kendig, talking about my writing journey between suspense and chick lit and contemporary romance--with a bonus blurb from one of my old manuscripts!

8/15 Fellow Love Inspired Suspense author Cara Putman asks me about any embarrassing research books I had to check out of the library, and she also reviews Deadly Intent.

8/15 I blog about ideas for new novels on Myra Johnson’s blog.


  1. Wow! Busy and exciting. Good Luck!

  2. I'm on the FIRST tour and will include my review then but I've already finished the book & love it so let me know if you'd like me to do something else :)

  3. You are so awesome to include the link to buy my debut novel THE FAMILIAR STRANGER in your post!!! ;-)

  4. No prob, Christina! I'm so excited about it coming out!