Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mall Strolling and the Pink Pashmina

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.09.2009

I went shopping with a friend of mine, Dineen Miller, yesterday (Dineen is a writer as well as my graphic designer who did my bookmarks! If you look at her website, you’ll see them posted). It was so fun! I hadn’t realized until then that I haven’t gone “mall strolling” in years!

I’ve gone mall shopping—usually with Captain Caffeine. Those of you with husbands know what that’s like—you go to the mall specifically to look for something you need, and/or to go to specific stores in the mall. No detours into other shops, except maybe one, and time is limited to five minutes before spouse drags you out.

On the other hand, “mall strolling” yesterday was fantastic. Relaxing walking through the mall, looking at storefronts, deciding to go in some, passing by others. Not being hurried out of any of them.

We discovered a little shop we probably wouldn’t have normally gone into but which ended up being our best “find” of the day. It’s a little Indian/Middle Eastern shop with handcrafted jewelry and Indian-American fusion clothing. Unique, some a little unusual, but not too out there.

My purchase of the day was this gorgeous PINK! pashmina (cashmere/silk blend) shawl with POLKA DOTS! And did I mention it’s PINK?! Bubblegum pink, to be exact.

As soon as she saw it, Dineen said it was totally me. And it was on sale!

I think I will wear it to the ACFW Conference in September (the meeting rooms can get a bit chilly).

I think I like the reverse side better.


  1. Oh man, er, I guess it should be 'OH GIRL!' ;)

    That shawl is gorgeous. What's is feel like? Super soft and silky smooth all in one?

    I WANT ONE (pouting in my corner)

    * Honey

  2. Looks beautiful. It will definately brighten up the room.

  3. What a great day we had, Camy! That was better than therapy! :-) Hugs! Love ya.

  4. Honey, that's a good way of describing it--super soft and silky smooth. I love Pashmina! But I probably wouldn't have paid too much for it. I thought it was $30 but it ended up being $18 (a super bargain!). I would have been okay with the $30, but I wouldn't have wanted to pay more for it.

    Thanks, Anonymous!

    Dineen, wasn't that totally fun? We have to do that more often.


  5. Beautiful! You'll look a picture...and now you will have the joy of mall strolling to find the perfect outfit to go with it. :)

  6. Like it a lot - I think I also like the underside better