Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dad's Birthday Party

Captain's Log, Stardate 06.04.2009

Because I know you’re all just DYING to know what we ate at my dad’s party, here are the pics!

This is the lechon (I think that's spelled correctly), which is Filipino style roast pork. This stuff is AWESOME!!! OMG it's even better than Chinese style roast pork. It's got a more delicately crispy outside and tender inside. Yummos!

Sashimi! (Raw fish, for those of you who don't know.) This is hamachi, or yellow tail fish. This is probably my favorite sashimi.

More sashimi! This is ahi, or tuna. This is the typical sashimi you'll see at Japanese restaurants. Hawaii people take their sashimi very seriously. The really high grade stuff can go for up to $50/pound, especially at New Year's. I don't think this was quite that expensive, but it tasted really good! The white stuff is shredded white radish (also called daikon), used as a garnish, not to eat.
The green stuff in the square bowl to the top right is wasabi paste, Japanese horseradish. Mom actually started to tear up when she was making the paste that night. Wasabi can also lose potency when exposed to air for overnight, because when we ate the leftover sashimi the next day, Dad said the wasabi wasn't as hot anymore.

This is kim chee, which is Korean spicy pickled vegetables. Most kim chee is made with cabbage, which is what this is made of.

This kim chee is made with cucumbers rather than cabbage. Just as spicy!
My mom's famous Chinese chicken salad! Seriously, I love her salad and can't reproduce it to save my life. She just makes the dressing really well.

This was my plate. This was after I'd snarfed a bunch of my sashimi down, hence only a few pieces at the top center. The green stuff on my Chinese chicken salad is cilantro! Yum!
There was also Korean kalbi, or marinated grilled beef (bottom left) and Chinese noodles (top right).

This is me with my two grandmas!

This is me with two of my cousins!


  1. Yes, it's lechon! I don't normally eat pork, but for that I make an exception. There are also different kinds of lechon here based on where they came from, and by far the best is the one from Cebu (one of the provinces in the Philippines). =P~

  2. MMMM!!!! That lechon and kim chee look delish! What spices and stuff do you use for the kim chee? If you could, I'd love to have the recipe!

    * Honey

  3. I am from the south and even though these dishes look good don't think I would like them. I know I would not eat raw fish, I don't even like cooked. LOL
    glad you and your family had a good time and it looks as though your mom really went all out,


  4. Tina! I was hoping you'd chime in on the lechon. :) One of these days I'd like to travel to the Philippines so I can eat all that good food!

    Honey, I personally don't know how to make it, but according to my grandma, it's easy. If you Google Kim Chee recipes, you'll find a bunch you can try.

    Edna, thanks! We had a great time.


  5. Thanks Camy!

    * Honey

  6. Camy
    I would really like the recipe for the KimChee with cucumbers. Can ya hook a southern girl up??

    Milissa :)

  7. Honey and Milissa,
    Here are two recipes that are closest to what we typically eat:
    Honolulu Advertiser
    Food Network

    Let me know if you make it! I actually like cucumber kim chee better than cabbage.