Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring in San Jose

Captain's Log, Stardate 03.13.2009

Spring has come to San Jose! I took a walk around my neighborhood and took some pictures of the flowers blooming right now.

This was mostly for you non-Californians, since some of you might have not seen many palm trees.

I think this is a magnolia tree but I'm not sure.

These are the "rolling foothills" near my home.

I'd love to grow Calla lilies at some point.

There are tons of cherry blossom trees in bloom right now. The pink and dark branches are really dramatic and make for a nice drive down a street that's got lots of them on either side.

Here's a closeup of a cherry blossom.

This is some really pretty rosemary growing in somebody's front yard.


  1. Wow. Spring IS in the air. Beautiful.

  2. Can you feel the waves of jealousy coming from the still mostly brown Midwest?

    Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures.

  3. LOL Sorry to cause waves of jealousy. We pay for it with a higher standard of living, though.

  4. Thanks for sharing the blooms. I'm also here in the brown (and white--it snowed this week in South Dakota). As the last lingering daylight dips down below the plains, it's a balmy 38° here.

    I'm going to find my sweater.

  5. Wow we won't see colors like that in Chicago until probably June - I'm jealous!

  6. I don't think that's a magnolia tree. We have one and it's much bigger and mostly big green leaves and branches. Then later white flowers bloom.

  7. Those are beautiful! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful green place. We are just starting to get blooms on the Bradford Pears and Crepe Myrtles. I love Spring!

  8. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Ya know, I planted tulip bulbs a few years ago. Tulips bloomed for ONLY ONE YEAR. For the last two years, the leaves came up, but no tulips! My mother said I have bad soil. I'm not sure what's wrong with my flowers!

  9. Thanks, Barb, you are too close to reality about us Midwesterners! We're lucky to see tulips just peeping out.

  10. wow, those are such lovely the lite purple ones. :)

    It's summer here in my part of the world and I'm hoping to take shots of those beauties, too.